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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Another big gap in between posts!!! Looks like me and Mama Bird and "the girls" will be moving! It's still 2 months away, but Mama Bird has LOTS to do - yard sale, selling on ebay, packing, etc. It's a good thing we won't be going far 'cause Mama Bird's gonna have to load all 4 of us in a pick-up truck for the move. AND, she has to build us a special room in the new place - wow, didn't we just do that here 2 years ago? Oh well, Mama Bird is currently working on an e-book on hand feeding hatchlings. It will be posted here FIRST! And, just maybe, we'll give away a few copies FREE! Check out the joke page, I think Mama Bird put in a new one.

Friday, May 05, 2006


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Baby Goldie >>

My sister "Goldie" was hatched August 1996. She is a Blue and Gold Macaw.
Mama Bird got Goldie when she was still very young, but sold her to another woman. The other woman didn't bond with Goldie, so Mama Bird traded a Sun Conure, 5 baby Cockateels and one other bird to get Goldie back. Goldie doesn't talk as much or as well as me and my other sisters, Congo Louie and Africa (African Greys). She calls Mama Bird "Aura".

Goldie is a very sweet and affectionate bird, and really loves getting in the shower with Mama Bird. She prances and dances in the shower, getting her feathers immaculately clean. Here she is right after a shower, and we call this her "Big Hair"!

Actually, Africa and Congo Louie are the only ones who call our human "Mama Bird" - I call her "Woosie"!

Goldies' "Big Hair"

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Aratinga Genera of Conures

The Aratinga genera has 19 species, including the popular Mitred and Sun Conures.

Conures have been imported into the United States since the late 1800's; however, by the early 1980's, importation had almost entirely been replaced by captive breeding programs. This in turn led to birds being sold that were healthier and better suited emotionally to captivity by virtue of handling and hand-feeding beginning at an early age.

Conures, in general, are playful, intelligent, "big parrots in a little parrot body." They also love to snuggle under things, like a piece of fabric or a fuzzy stuffed toy. My favorite snuggling takes place in Mama Birds' sock drawer! I love to roll around in her socks (and sometimes in her lingerie) and hide, and then I start laughing!

We Mitred Conures are very affectionate, intelligent birds and get along well with other Conures. We can learn a variety of words and phrases, and love nothing better than playing or cuddling with our owners. I sit on Mama Bird's shoulders or in her lap when I'm out of my cage.

In the wild, Mitred Conures flock together in large numbers, which is why we love company in captivity. We LOVE bathing and need a variety of chew toys to keep them from becoming bored.

Mitred Conures are very curious, playful birds and are fun to watch as well as to interact with! That's why we make such wonderful pets!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Bubba's Bird Buzz - Tip #1

Birds that are fed a balanced diet will usually outlive a bird that is being fed a "seed only" diet - sometimes as much as 2 or 3 times longer, depending on the breed. A balanced diet for your bird will include a more "pellet-based" diet, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. (I like corn the best!)

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Me and Mama Bird

Hi Friends! Sorry it's been so long, but Mama Bird has been a little under the weather!

I came to live with Mama Bird 14 years ago, when I was just one year old. I was hatched July 15, 1991. At first I had another Mama. She and her husband had 2 daughters. I lived in the computer room, with no cage, and pretty much had the run of the room. As I started growing I became VERY noisy, and I didn't like one of the daughters very much - I used to chase her around the room. So my first family decided I need to find another home. Breeder Ruth was bird-sitting me while my 1st family was on vacation, when Mama Bird came over to pick up another hatchling to hand feed. It was love at first sight! When Mama Bird came into the room I got so excited, I started shouting my own name and I flew to Mama Bird and ran all the way up her arm, to her face and french-kissed her on the spot! I have been living with Mama Bird ever since! My first family wanted $350 for me, but Mama Bird didn't have that much money. However, she did have some hand-crafted wooden benches she had made and painted herself. So I was traded for a wooden bench and $80. Mama Bird and I got the best end of THAT deal!.

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