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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Hey, its me, Bubba! We finally got moved to Granny Bird's! Boy, was that a feather-ruffling situation. Goldie has been screaming for 2 weeks now. That's because Mama Bird has her cage looking out a big picture window, and Goldie is a big scaredy-cat! She's afraid of squirrels!

Ok, in all honesty, I've been screaming some, too. But hey, after all, we just moved to a new place, and Mama Bird doesn't have our new room ready just yet. So I have a right to throw a fit or 2! And it's all gravy, 'cause when I start throwing my own fits, I also scold myself. When I get a little overworked, I just finally tell myself to "Stop, Bubba". And it works. Usually. Sometimes.

The Greys are doing well. Africa and Congo Louie have settled right in here at Granny Bird's house. And they have made a lifetime friend of Granny Bird's paramour, Big D. He has totally fallen in love with the both of them. They are so darned polite! Except when it comes to their corn. They have a bit of an attitude when they feel it's time for more, saying, "When do you think we could get more corn?"

Well, now that we are in our new place, maybe Mama Bird and Auntie Bimby will be able to tell more of our stories, and pass along more parrot-training goodies to all of you.


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