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Friday, May 05, 2006


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Baby Goldie >>

My sister "Goldie" was hatched August 1996. She is a Blue and Gold Macaw.
Mama Bird got Goldie when she was still very young, but sold her to another woman. The other woman didn't bond with Goldie, so Mama Bird traded a Sun Conure, 5 baby Cockateels and one other bird to get Goldie back. Goldie doesn't talk as much or as well as me and my other sisters, Congo Louie and Africa (African Greys). She calls Mama Bird "Aura".

Goldie is a very sweet and affectionate bird, and really loves getting in the shower with Mama Bird. She prances and dances in the shower, getting her feathers immaculately clean. Here she is right after a shower, and we call this her "Big Hair"!

Actually, Africa and Congo Louie are the only ones who call our human "Mama Bird" - I call her "Woosie"!

Goldies' "Big Hair"


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