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Monday, May 01, 2006

Me and Mama Bird

Hi Friends! Sorry it's been so long, but Mama Bird has been a little under the weather!

I came to live with Mama Bird 14 years ago, when I was just one year old. I was hatched July 15, 1991. At first I had another Mama. She and her husband had 2 daughters. I lived in the computer room, with no cage, and pretty much had the run of the room. As I started growing I became VERY noisy, and I didn't like one of the daughters very much - I used to chase her around the room. So my first family decided I need to find another home. Breeder Ruth was bird-sitting me while my 1st family was on vacation, when Mama Bird came over to pick up another hatchling to hand feed. It was love at first sight! When Mama Bird came into the room I got so excited, I started shouting my own name and I flew to Mama Bird and ran all the way up her arm, to her face and french-kissed her on the spot! I have been living with Mama Bird ever since! My first family wanted $350 for me, but Mama Bird didn't have that much money. However, she did have some hand-crafted wooden benches she had made and painted herself. So I was traded for a wooden bench and $80. Mama Bird and I got the best end of THAT deal!.

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